Osteopathy in Twickenham and Oxford
Crown House Osteopaths

New patient (up to 45 minutes) £55

Follow up treatments (30 minutes) £50

Cash, cheque or card payments accepted


Osteopathy in Twickenham and Oxford
Our Cancellation Policy:

Please be aware that you are paying for the osteopath’s expert opinion; this includes a referral to your GP or another health care professional if your symptoms are not thought to be musculoskeletal in nature and osteopathic treatment is therefore deemed inappropriate/unsafe.

We require 24 hours’ notice of a change or cancellation of an appointment so that we have a chance to reallocate that treatment slot to another patient, otherwise a cancellation fee will be payable (£25).

If you make a booking within 24 hours of your appointment you will still be liable for the £25 cancellation fee if you fail to arrive for your appointment.